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Sweet Valentine!

As I’ve said before, I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I love the color and sparkle, and hearts! I’ve never really had any Valentine’s decorations though. Last year, Emma and I decided to make some decorations that we could just throw around the house. We went through […]

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Throwback Thursday- Advice

This picture is of my first steps while holding on to my dad’s hand. My parents were divorced when I was 4 years old.  My childhood was growing up with a single mom and visiting my dad and his family one weekend a month. The majority […]

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Showcase -Mallory!

I‘m so excited about this page! This is where I plan to showcase someone I personally know who I think is fabulous! I have so many wonderful and talented people in my life and I really think you should get to meet them too. Our […]


It’s All About the People!

Back to Jill and Ryan’s wedding and this time it’s all about the people. I am seriously blessed because when I was a small child my parents were divorced. I know, that’s not the blessing, stay with me here. The blessing is that I have […]


Yellow Dessert Table

This weekend my cousin, Ryan married his beautiful bride, Jill.  My uncle asked me to bring a dessert for the rehearsal dinner so I decided to make up a cute little yellow dessert table inspired by Pinterest. I happened to have an idea of what Jill […]


Change the World

Last month while scrolling through my Facebook wall, I found a video. The video was a graduation speech given by Naval Admiral William H. McRaven. In the speech he spoke of the trials set before each Navy Seal recruit during BUD/S training. Being the self […]

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Heart’s Desire

Art, wonderful art, you call to me in the morning and sing your song to me in the evening. I have heard your calling all my life yet pushed you aside for the sake of money and security. My heart craved for you in the […]

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