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Good afternoon!

Today, I’m just posting a few pictures I took around my house. Little things I see everyday. I just felt like taking pictures, and I’ve been sort of stuck in the house because it’s cold, and there has been a lot of snow in my town.

I simply walked around the house looking at things and taking pictures. Anyway here is what I saw. As always, tab on the photos to see them full sized.

First up is my library/office. I’ve saved every children’s book I collected before during and after I raised my babies. I have some from my childhood and my dad’s childhood. The room looks like a child’s library, but to me it’s heaven. My guy who comes and sprays for bugs calls it the reading room. I love that.

PS I also have a Fisher Price Circus I saved from 1967 or 1968, that I played with as a tiny girl. I saved it especially for a room like this.

What about this globe that is in the reading room. Do you like the close up image with the tight edges, or do you like it with more space around it? I prefer the close-up image… As usual

Next up is the dining room. Fake flowers, Some valentines, and one of my gazillion cake plates. Nothing really special. The car and trailer are salt and pepper shakers! Cute, right?

I just really liked the window light on the silk flowers.

Now we move into the kitchen.

I just noticed and liked the light on these bowls. I also liked the reflection of the glass cabinet doors. I made these doors by removing the center of the old door and replaced it with glass, and then wallpapered the back of the cabinets.

This last image brings me into the Valentine’s Day cuties around the house. I didn’t decorate as much as usual, because I don’t have young children here to enjoy it, so I only put up what I love. ❤

Last but not least, I had an orange for a snack, and thought it was pretty, so I took pictures of it as I was cutting it into slices.

You’re Welcome

I was literally just walking around looking. I looked at vignettes, and light, and color, and basically just the tiny things that make up my sweet home.

Have a fabulous rest of your day or evening.

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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

4 thoughts on “Tiny Things”

  1. Kim Foster says:

    You are so fabulous! Thank you for bringing some light to my day. 💕💕

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