Month: December 2014

I’m Sorry

So, I was in the shower washing my hair, and I started to pray for a family I know who is really suffering right now because of the loss of a mother and now the father is sad and wasting away. I was praying for […]


Post Christmas Blues

I Just read the title of our pastor’s new blog entry that said, “How to handle the post-Christmas blues.” Aw, really? People get sad AFTER Christmas? Why didn’t I know this? I guess I knew it when I was a dispatcher because of the increase […]

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Lucky Break Acres!

Hey you guys! I have something very exciting to tell you! My little sister Michelle, and her husband Anthony,┬áhave bought a farm in Elkhorn, Wisconsin! My sister is a city girl with a long-time desire to grow some stuff and raise cute little donkeys. She […]

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In The Moment

Last night Emma and I were watching TV and I said to her, “It’s so weird that I haven’t posted on my blog. All this time is passing and I haven’t been posting a thing or writing on it, and I have no idea why.” […]

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Having a Blue Christmas…

I got the house decorated right after Thanksgiving weekend. I was thinking, if we sell our house this year, this could be the last year I ever decorate here for Christmas. If that’s the case I really wanted to have pictures. I’d like to have […]