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Christmas 2018

Hello! How excited are you for the Christmas holidays? I’m so excited, I can barely stand it! I have no idea why, because we don’t have any company coming this year, and Steve works Christmas morning, evening and New Year’s Eve, and day. I think […]


Happy Holidays!

Lately there is a lot of hoopla about whether to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. I’ve even started being afraid to say Happy Holidays. As a believer, I say Merry Christmas! As a believer, I┬ásay Happy Holidays! I know there are christians that are […]

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Inspiration Saturday 10/31/15

Image Clearly, I haven’t even posted a single thing about fabulous Halloween! With the exception of my Throw-Back-Thursday, I haven’t even peeped a word about it! I’m so distracted by everything else going on that I haven’t really embraced the holiday. I didn’t even buy […]

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Inspiration Saturday 11/22/14

Ok, so! I’m going to show you what I’ve decided to do this weekend to jump start my creative brain. My husband came home from work yesterday after reading my blog, and said he was afraid of what he’d find. Apparently, he feared I would […]

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