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Welcomed Bump in the Road

I‘ve been home from the ranch for a day and starting to decompress. I feel so blessed to have a place to leave all the renovation for a time and live in a nice put tother home. ┬áSeriously, we can really take a refrigerator for […]

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Saturday Inspiration 8/2/14

I can’t tell you how glad I’m becoming that I’ve finally scheduled time each week to read my magazines! I’m not totally sure what I’m going to do when I finally get through the stacks of them. I guess I’ll have to start making some […]

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This summer I have a lot of projects planned. Most of them are going to be fun projects that add to our house and increase its value. Unfortunately, I just don’t like starting fun projects when the house is junkie or messy because I feel […]


Three Steps to a Cleaner House!

I love having a clean house and I really love cleaning. I’m not even kidding right now. I love the process and the think time. Seriously, I love opening the windows on a warm summer morning, cranking up some┬ámusic and cleaning. What’s better than a […]