Month: June 2015

20 Wonderful Years!

I‘m sitting in my office. It’s a beautiful morning, and the birds are singing and a cool breeze is floating into the room. I looked at the window and could see the dappled light filtering in and hitting the floor as little pieces of sun […]


Inspiration Saturday 06/27/15

via Summer is in full force here in sunny Southern California! Our June gloom is breaking up a little in the mornings and the sun has been nice and warm. Weather like this makes me want to go to the beach. Going to the beach […]

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Happy Birthday, Nora!

My favorite niece is turning 7 today! She is a fabulous girl with more personality than you could carry in two hands! She’s funny, smart, and very loving! My sister-in-law sent out a copy of Nora’s Birthday list. This is a must every year, because […]


Homeschool- Moving on Up!

This was Emma’s last week in elementary school! She finished fifth grade and is officially moving up into junior high next year. I’ve been homeschooling her for the last two years, and it has certainly been an adventure for both of us. When I share […]

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Inspiration Saturday 06/13/15

Another week down and here we are at Saturday! My inspiration today is going to be all about concrete floors. One of the reoccurring problems that keeps coming up in the sale of our house is I’m being told we don’t have flooring and everyone wants […]


Staying in the Game

This week has really been an exercise in staying in the game. We’ve had our house on the market for over 20 days. Three other houses on my street sold in less than two weeks each. On Wednesday, another neighbor told us they were now […]

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Drinks and Snacks!

Over the last several years I’ve made comments to my family, especially my sisters, about the need for drinks and snacks. When we talk about traveling, I like to make sure we will have drinks and snacks. When we plan to be together for visits […]


Inspiration Saturday 06/06/15

Over the last four weeks I’ve written numerous entries on motherhood and parenting, but I can’t seem to complete a single one. I’ve been waiting to complete one so I can start blogging again. However, sometimes we have to put certain things on the shelf […]

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