Wild Horses

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Today I’m posting some photos I took last month. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen some of these photos already.

I live in Northern Nevada, and we are often visited by wild horses. They run through Carson Valley, and the surrounding areas. I always get so excited to see them, however the week they were in our neighborhood pasture, I was really nervous.

I planted 504 lavender plants last fall, and I was really worried they may find them delicious. I was also worried they may just trample the baby plants.

However, I couldn’t pass the chance to get out on the property and shoot a few pictures of them grazing in my alfalfa pasture.

I wasn’t super thrilled about the photos I got of them, because I really wanted them to be epic, but I still liked them. This shoot inspired me to get out and get those skills sharpened.

I hope you enjoy them!

Tab on the photos to see the gallery!

That’s all for today, I’ll see you soon ❤

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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

2 thoughts on “Wild Horses”

  1. Sue Lipert says:

    I would love to have wild horses visit me!! Beautiful pictures ❤️

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