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This weekend my cousin, Ryan married his beautiful bride, Jill.  My uncle asked me to bring a dessert for the rehearsal dinner so I decided to make up a cute little yellow dessert table inspired by Pinterest. I happened to have an idea of what Jill likes and knowing their wedding colors were yellow and gray, I went into action.

I used to work for an amazing catering company so I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but honestly, I’m never perfect. My desserts never do, and never will look like the fabulous Bakerella! But you know what? If we wait till we get to that point of perfection, we may never get to enjoy just doing our best. Not one person was worried about whether the frosting was perfect or if the flowers I made were straight. Everyone was just really happy to get to eat treats!

My uncle and cousins were very happy and seriously, that’s all I cared about. When I was younger I’d work so hard trying to get everything perfect that by the time I was done I was completely stressed out. I’d spend so many hours in the kitchen and would even yell and throw stuff. That was a ton of fun, especially for my family. I’ve learned to slow down, do my best, and just enjoy the beauty and fun of making something out of nothing. (My husband likes to say that’s what I do when I bake or cook.) I personally think baking and cooking is so romantic and therapeutic. I love to clean as I go and just move through each dish, one at a time. It’s like magic.

For this event I tried three new recipes that turned out to be amazing! I linked them to the names of the desserts and I highly recommend that you try them out. They were a huge hit and I was asked several times for the recipes.

Here is the table:



Candy-dipped Marshmallows

Candy-dipped Marshmallows

Gum balls!

Gum balls!

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Orange Candied Popcorn

Orange Candied Popcorn -My sister taught me this, popcorn + melted candy melts + shake it all up = delicious!


Lemon Lemonies

Lemon Lemonies by Averie Cooks, One of my favorite food blogs!

It was an amazing night and wedding weekend! I was so happy to be included.

PS Being that I am usually Kelley the photographer whenever I go anywhere, this night I was Kelley the baker and totally forgot my camera! All images are from my iPhone camera which I edited in Lightroom… what?! Enjoy.

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