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My Diet Saga

So, over the last three years, I’ve really let my fitness go. I’ve been active because it’s hard not to be when you are renovating a house. Being really fit requires you to do more than carry heavy stuff and step up and down ladders. […]

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Things I Think About When I’m Running

Well, I’ve signed up for the Camp Pendleton Mud RunĀ for some unknown ridiculous reason. Since this will be my third mud run, I should have known better. However, my cousin Sara, texted me that she was doing it and was wondering if we were… Yadda, […]


Running! 10

What a great running week! Which is weird because I only ran three times this week. However, on my last run I ran for 22 minutes straight. I just felt really good and decided to keep going. Emma was on her bike next to me […]


Running 6

Hello! I’m so happy to have found out that there are a couple of new runners this week!! Yay! This week on day one I thought I was going to die and seriously was wondering if I should stay in week 2 for a couple […]

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Feeding Your Thyroid

This image is from Cafe Press. Go to this site to see their Thyroid Cancer Awareness Jewelry! Last October I had a nodule on the right side of my thyroid removed. Since those stupid things grow on your thyroid, I also had to have the […]

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