Drinks and Snacks!

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Over the last several years I’ve made comments to my family, especially my sisters, about the need for drinks and snacks. When we talk about traveling, I like to make sure we will have drinks and snacks. When we plan to be together for visits or events, I suggest drinks and snacks. The funny part is, I never realized how often I suggest it. My younger sister just wants cheese, but I always think we should have drinks too. (That’s not totally true, but I had to get the cheese comment in there.) We’ve always had drinks and snacks, but no one ever really talked about it. We just bought stuff and started drinking and standing around or lounging around drinking and eating snacks. Just writing about it is making me want to have a little party with drinks and snacks.

Last summer the four of us sisters went to Palm Springs to see if we could make some sort of party plans for my 50th birthday. Let me just say, all I wanted was to find a place we could all chill and have drinks and snacks. It wasn’t until my oldest sister pointed out how much I mention having drinks and snacks, that I realized she was right. Even weirder, I think about drinks and snacks more than I mention them… No, really.

So, now the drinks and snacks have become a thing. Even my daughters are mentioning that all I really want is to have drinks and snacks. I honestly think there is something in my brain that associates fun and happy times with the times we’ve all been together and sat around having… well, drinks and snacks.

Drinks- anything from lemonade to beers, wine, sangria, or frosty cokes with crushed ice and lime juice. It’s important to have cute cups and straws or anything else that makes them special.

Snacks- this can range from fake processed cheese and crackers or nacho chips to fabulous imported cheeses, dates, and FIG SPREAD! It really just depends of where we are or what time of year it is. They just have to be good and abundant. And we have to have them together. The together part is the most important.

As I approach my 50th Birthday, my only desire is to celebrate with my people, to relax, and have some drinks and snacks.

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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

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