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Hello! I’m so happy to have found out that there are a couple of new runners this week!! Yay!

This week on day one I thought I was going to die and seriously was wondering if I should stay in week 2 for a couple of days longer. However, on day two Steve and I did a Crossfit work out prior to going for our run and I was actually wondering if I’d be able to run after the WOD. Well, we got out on the run and I realized I felt great. I was having zero breathing problems. I completed the run and felt great, only struggling with the breathing on the last run because it’s up a very steep hill. (That’s right I ran the hill)

As I was running through day 3 I remembered something about this part of the program. This is about the time I usually turn a corner.  I noticed I could talk while running and am not sucking air as hard as usual. At this stage I can tell I’m building a cardio base and the reality that I’ll be able to run for 30 min. straight is becoming more believable than at the very beginning.

So! Today is the first day of week 5! Here is our workout:

  • Walk for 2min 30sec. Run for 5 min.
  • Repeat the sequence three more times.
  • End with 3min of walking.

Our total workout time is 33min. 20 of which we are going to be running. PS if you run even a 10 min mile you’ll be running for 2 miles. What?! That’s exciting!  REMEMBER to do this workout at least 3-4 times this week.

How are you feeling at this point? Are you feeling stronger? Are the runs getting easier for you?

If you’d still like to join us it’s never too late. Start at the beginning here, and we’ll get together right here on Friday!

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