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What a great running week! Which is weird because I only ran three times this week. However, on my last run I ran for 22 minutes straight. I just felt really good and decided to keep going. Emma was on her bike next to me and said she was sure I could keep running, so I did. I felt great and it was nice to see I was getting to a fitness level that was higher than in the beginning when one minute seemed really long. So I completed it with another five minutes of running and walked home.

I’ll continue on with the program because I just want to do it right but it was fun to step out of it for a day and see how I was really doing. I’m trying to get these runs in while I’m getting my house ready for the market and home schooling Emma. I am really working to keep up on the blog on top of that. I CAN DO IT ALL!!! Whoo hoo! I hope.

Ok, so this week (PS I’m caught back up to you all) is stage 9. This is our workout for the week:

  • Walk for 1min. Run for 9mins.
  • Repeat that sequence two more times.
  • End with 3mins. of walking

So, very much like last week, but just an extra minute of running. Do this workout at least 3-4 times this week and I’ll meet you all back here next Friday!! Have a wonderful week! Eat good food, get good rest, and take care of you!


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