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Several months ago, my daughter Alix bought a bunny. She named him Winston Pancakes and set him up in a cage in her little house and began her life with her first ever pet.

Well, it turns out that bunnies are playful at 4 am and like to crawl into small spaces and chew on phone cords. Alix decided that in the small space she’s living in that the bunny was probably not a great idea and she was tired from missing sleep. When she announced that she was going to find a new home for her bunny, I spoke up.

I’m a weirdo and tend to think that animals are people. He is a person who joined our family and I couldn’t bear to think of him leaving us. So, of course, I stole Mr. Winston Pancakes and made him part of our household. With Emma as my only house mate, how could we not? Winston makes 7 animals living in our house. Yay! Said with an overwhelming inflection of sarcasm.

Winston has been a pleasure and I’ve become quite attached to him. Does he poop all over the house?  Yes. Has he peed on my bathroom rug, curtains, and in my face? Yes, yes he has. I have to be honest, if someone really wanted to have Winston, and I thought they were going to provide a great space for him and love him immensely, I would let him go. However, I feel like I would be hard pressed to find another person who would take better care of him or love him more than we do. By the way, did you know bunnies can live up to 10-12 years?

I would have never bought another little animal at this point in our lives, but that’s the funny thing about life, it never goes as planned. So now, I have a rabbit cage in the middle of my living room until we can build a better place for him. He goes to the vet today  for a check up and to make an appointment to be neutered, so that may really help with the poo and peeing all over the place. Bunnies need 3-4 hours of out of cage play time, in case you were wondering why I would have him out and about. We are still working out the play space set up.

With all of that being said, I thought I’d share a few photos of our new boy!


Isn’t he just the cutest thing? He’s perfect.


Look at those pink ears and blue eyes.  I love his jaw and little neck, adorable!


Ok, how can you not love this little black butt with his tiny cotton tail in the middle of it?! Right?


And those feet! When he feels happy and is out running around, he does what is called binking. He hops really high and kicks his feet out and just keeps hopping all around. It’s adorable.  Here he is laying down in front of our entry door. We have terrible weather striping and he can feel the cold air coming in. He loves it and often falls asleep in this spot.


He’s adorable


Especially when he cleans his face.


Here he is eating a toy sheep… He can be very destructive, did you know that was a bunny trait? I didn’t and I’m glad I don’t have carpet because I’ve heard they really like pulling it up.  We also have to be very careful to keep all the electrical cords up.


Just resting in front  of the door._mg_5873

This is Winston’s sleepy face.


He loves a good nap on the dirty front door mat…


So sleepy. Sometimes I like to stop by his cage and just give him some “sugar.” He’ll crawl up to the front of the cage and lay his head down so I pet him and kiss his head. He’ll stay there letting me do that until I stop.

That’s Winston, folks!

He’s been a pleasure so far, and I’ve been enjoying the research I’ve had to do in order to be a good bunny mama.

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3 thoughts on “Winston Pancakes”

    • Yes, they can, but you have to teach them and then they actually have to be able to do it. We aren’t totally sure how old he is but he’s still actually not developed enough to be neutered yet. He has a little more growing to do.
      PS I will be trying to teach him.

  1. Oh, Kell, I just found your blog and LOVE it! I feel the same about having pets, once it steps foot, feather, paw in our home it is family! Winston is A-dorable and I love how you know his character and personality! Of course you have only seen the “tip of the iceberg” you will have much to look forward too! Love you Kell and so happy for you and your family! ❤ By the way is the toy sheep Winston was munching on our sheep sister sheep?

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