Christmas Day 2016

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Christmas Morning my husband and I woke up pretty early to make sure we had time to put chains on the beetle. We needed to drive to Reno so my husband could fly home in time for his midnight shift. Working on Christmas and other holidays are and have always been the norm for us. I’m still gonna say it made me pretty sad to have to drive him to a plane so he could leave us for another 4 weeks or so.

The drive home from the airport was so nice and I never ended up needing the chains because the main highway, 395 was clear the whole way. We have just been slippin’ and sliddin’ on the little roads out where we live.

We didn’t get any snow today but when it’s 4 degrees the snow we got on Christmas Eve isn’t gonna melt. Anyway, when I got home, Emma was still asleep and I thought it would be really nice to just go out and take a few pictures of the snowy ranch. We don’t own a cute little farm but instead a weedy and rough ranch. It’s very western here and it needs a lot of work. I’ll have to get to that next year…



My Driveway With a  view of the little kitchen nook.


Side of the house with the sunroom I have really big plans for… Starting with it’s re-build.


Down the drive to the hay barn and animal pens. There are no animals, don’t get excited.


Just a little closer and a peek at the horse barn, again, no horses. Sorry. PS, I own holly…


I really do love this fence, but it’s not sturdy and a bit shabby.


The view from the front of our house. That would be the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and way up on top is Tahoe.


I love this fence as far as pictures go… that’s why you get two. It really is crooked, and it has fallen down in the wind in some spots.


I love snow.


The sky though, and the shadows. It’s like a dance.


More dancing, with a piece of flair.


Just one weed pile, I plan for more of these in my near future.


Corral off the north side of the horse barn.


I like these doors on the side of the horse barn, probably because it’s the only wood on the barn.


Snow even makes weeds look fabulous.


Am I right? You should have seen these in the sun, like diamond bushes.


Wire fences, wooden fences, rust, I love them all!


Back driveway. You may be used to seeing these trees all green and leafy, or orange and yellow. This time they are wintery and bare. I love seasons.


I’m not sure why I’ve always wanted patio furniture that gets covered in snow, it’s just a thing that means I live where there are seasons and weather. That makes this California born and raised girl pretty happy.

I pray you have an amazing and fabulous New Year! ❤

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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2016”

  1. Leo Lipert says:

    It looks so different! We really missed you this year at Lipert Christmas. Love you.

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