Stay Human


To be honest, I’m not really sure what this blog post is actually about. I guess I have a lot on my mind and the best way for me to get all of that out is to write. I’m a natural born writer; it is one of my passions. Last time I wrote on the blog I’m pretty sure I was 11. I’m 13 now and I’m in the seventh grade. Seventh graders, to be honest, are some of the most immature people In the world. For example: they way they treat racism and prejudice. I was raised to never judge people by what color, or race they are, and to this day I’m still like that. So, you can imagine what a surprise I was in for when I went back to public school (I was homeschooled for three years). Everywhere I go, I hear people talking to black and Mexican people, telling them that they need to be deported and that they’re “illegal”. When I confront them about it the usual responses are: “I was just joking, jeez calm down!” or, “Mind your own business.” Here’s what I have to say to that: “No.” I feel that it is my duty as a person to make everyone feel equal and like they belong no matter what. You may be joking but most of the time the other person isn’t. We cant help they’re the way we are-nobody can. No, I am most certainly not going to mind my own business when I hear that going on. I don’t care If I hurt your precious little teenager feelings-sorry not sorry. Oh wait, sorry was that mean? Oh well! The word racist is thrown around so much. The worst part? People don’t know what it even means. My social studies teacher gave us pictures of Mayan people because that is what we were beginning to study. So she gave us these pictures so we could work with a group of three other people on our observation skills. When a person made the observation that the Mayans had a darker skin color, they were immediately called racist. Someone, anyone, please tell me how making an observation about the way someone looks, is racist? Jeez, people calm yourselves down! Throughout the whole classroom, you could hear “Wow, you’re so racist!” or “That was really racist.” Due to this, our teacher has taught us the meaning of racist and prejudice. Now whenever I hear anyone casually throwing around those words, I ask them if they’re in my class or the other social studies teacher’s class. They usually say the other one. Some girl legitimately asked me: “What the F**k is racist?” First of all, wash your moth out and cleanse your soul child, you’re 12, quit talking like that. Second, pull up a seat and let me teach you a lesson on racism. No lie, I get told I’m weird because I’m “so white”. Yea, I’m kinda albino, and you’re Mexican… your point is? I guess the purpose of this is to tell people how important it is to be compassionate and understanding of each other. We’re all on the same page. We’re all trying to survive out here and live our own lives. We all bleed red. My science teacher always tells us: “For goodness sake, BE HUMAN!” Stay human readers, lets all just get along please, we need to now more than ever.

4 thoughts on “Stay Human”

  1. I vote for you to keep commenting!
    I appreciated that whole narrative. It
    was a good lesson that you showed us.
    Yay Emma!
    Auntie V

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