Lucky Break Acres!

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Hey you guys! I have something very exciting to tell you!

My little sister Michelle, and her husband Anthony, have bought a farm in Elkhorn, Wisconsin!

My sister is a city girl with a long-time desire to grow some stuff and raise cute little donkeys. She loves to bake and wants to can food. Anthony loves to fish and just retired from 24 years as a cop. Everything they know about farming comes from books, advice, and numerous hours of my sister’s research. They arrived on the farm from Las Vegas in November right before Thanksgiving. I seriously cannot tell you how excited I am for them. They are literally living their dream right now.

Here’s the best part. Now that they are getting settled in their new lives, they’ve decided to start a websit and blog about their adventures in becoming hobby farmers! From the city of Las Vegas to the farmlands of Elkhorn, Wisconsin! I just want to tell you everything about all the barns, silos and out-buildings, oh my! However, my sister is one of my favorite writers, and she’s funny, and smart, and I know for a fact you’d love her. So instead of me telling you everything, I’m going to encourage you to get over to her new blog and start reading about it, and seeing all the fabulous pictures of their adventures so far! Read their story of how they got it, and named it, and what they are going to be doing on it! Michelle is an interior designer and owner of Gold Digger Inc., and will be sharing all her design ideas as she makes this 1830’s farm house their own. They will be deciding what to plant and how to do it. They’re also learning about, and planning on what animals to raise! It’s gonna be such a blast to follow along as they learn and grow into seasoned farmers. Join me in following them!

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