Prom 2022

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Happy Saturday, friends! I think it’s probably pretty sad that my two prom posts are almost next to each other here on the main page! That will tell you how often I’ve been posting. I’ll address that issue in my next post.

Right now, let’s talk about this year’s prom! This is the last prom post y’all are going to see from me. Unless it’s a client’s prom shoot. Emma is graduating high school in seven weeks, and college begins in August. This is our last ever high school prom shoot. I’m happy. I’m sad.

This year Emma went to prom with her best friend and boyfriend, Justin. The two of them have known each other since Jr High and began this relationship as statistic buddies, and everything bloomed from there. I think he’s a wonderful young man, with lots of future plans and drive to make them happen. The two of them make a great team.

So, enough talk, let’s see the pictures!



For those of you who follow me in Instagram, you already know these next images are my favorites. I was just messing around and doing the “paparazzi method” of shooting, but I loved what happened, and the images I captured.

I feel like they should be on an album cover. I love them

The two of them have been working so hard in school in order to finish out the last 12 years strong. I’m proud of who they are and all that they plan to do in the future.

Good bye proms, high school dances, football games, basketball games, and childhood. Hello adulthood and the future.

Wishing these two all the best in everything. ❤

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