Throwback Thursday- The Blasted Rolling Chair!

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Yesterday Emma and I were running some errands and she reminded me of her office chair from our old house. We started laughing so hard as we were remembering this pink chair she used for home school. It has wheels on it and during the school year she spent a lot of time rolling around the house on it. As we talked and reminisced I just remembered how annoying it was when she’d slide through the kitchen and living room while never leaving that stupid chair. Seriously, I’m telling you I really, really hated it.

I specifically remember at the time I wanted to make her stop because it was so annoying. I also remember taking a deep breath and letting it happen. I actually remember thinking at the time that her older sisters did some amazingly annoying things at her age. Half of them I don’t even remember, and the other half have brought great laughs and memories to us. So, I just let her do it.

Not only did I let her do it, I let her hang on to my clothes and I pulled her around the house in the chair. One day I was wearing a pull on strapless dress and started pulling her around until I ran out of the dress! Another time I pulled her so fast, the chair flipped over and she fell on her face! It was hilarious! We laughed so hard yesterday as we talked about all the funny memories we had with that stupid chair and her rolling around in it. The part that stood out to me the most about it, was the fact that until yesterday, I didn’t remember it.

So, from one old mom to maybe a few young ones, just let it go. If they aren’t hurting anything or being disobedient, relax and just let it go. Every weird thing that my girls have done, there have been a lot, none of them continued past a short period of time. I remember always thinking, “This is just a stage, and sooner or later they will leave it behind for another weird stage.”  We can endure a lot of craziness if we just keep remembering, none of it lasts forever.

Thank God.



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