…And the Saga Continues

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From the Heart

In the continued story of Shelby the guinea pig, this week has been another fun filled week. Shelby hit it off with another female Guinea pig named Megan Johnson. Megan was in foster care with the Orange County Cavy Haven. They are an amazing group of people, and so kind and helpful.

Megan was saved from a high kill shelter and taken into foster care and later adopted by us. Even though we lost Pip, I’m glad that it made a way for Megan to find a forever home. It’s funny how life goes sometimes and things that seem bad often turn out to be good.

Over the week, I noticed a small balding spot on Shelby’s side where the skin was white and a bit crusty. (Don’t you hate that word?).  We took her and Megan to a new vet that is very well known for treating guinea pigs (You can’t just go to a regular vet with these people, they are pretty specific creatures). Sure enough, she had ringworm and needed to be treated. I can see now in pictures that our piggy that died had it too. They must have come from the pet store with it. PS another reason not to buy pets at a store. Anyway, we are treating her and Megan for it. Emma gives them medicine every morning and every night.

While Shelby was at the vet he noticed she was breathing hard and labored. I thought it may be because she was nervous being there. He told us to keep an eye out for it, and if it doesn’t change, to bring her in because he was afraid she had a respiratory infection. Another very common problem with guinea pigs. Heavy sigh…

Long story short, I noticed Shelby breathing really hard at home, even at rest. So, Monday, we went to the vet who is 20 miles away, aka 40 mins. and started ringworm treatment. Then, Tuesday we drove their poop in to the same guy for a check. (It’s clear by the way.) Wednesday, we took Shelby back to the vet to get medicine for her respiratory infection. Three days, 120 miles and 300.00 later the pigs are still alive and getting healthier every day. One of our worries was that Shelby hasn’t grown since we bought her, but since she has been on the antibiotic, she’s grown so much! She is running around and looking so good, and we feel like all of this craziness has been worth it. She is finally growing and making her place in the house. Megan is very healthy and bossing Shelby around. All is normal and the girls are going to make it.

Between the Dr. visits, building of the cage, sewing of the new covers for the bottom of it, and buying all their goodies, we are very invested in these pigs. Oh, and Emma is now being treated for ringworm too because of her cuddling Shelby. They have consumed the household and our activities for the last three weeks. As much work as it’s been, I’m thankful for it. If you’re ever wondering about raising farm animals, which we have been, you should start with a pet that requires a lot of special care and chores. I feel like we have a much better idea of what it will be like to raise animals. These aren’t cats that you just bring in and throw food in a bowl for and clean a littler box once a week. They require cage maintenance throughout the day. They need fresh food every day, along with pellets and hay. There are quite a few job duties with these cuties. If you’re thinking about getting one, think long, and save your money. No, seriously.

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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

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