Inspiration Saturday 8/30/14

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Favorite Things, From the Heart

So, today’s inspiration is going to be something a little different than what I’ve posted over the last couple of months. My dad is visiting my family this weekend for my birthday, so the last thing I want to do is sit around looking at magazines! He was able to watch Emma at gymnastics today.  Later, we ran some errands and then went to lunch.

Alix, Emma, my dad, and I went to sushi for lunch. I don’t eat fish and certainly not sushi. Alix doesn’t eat sushi and neither does Emma. My day happens to love sushi, all of it. However, today it was Alix’s idea.

As part of Alix’s spirit of adventure, she thought it would be fun to try sushi. She was younger when she tried it before but now that she’s older she enjoys way more foods and has a wider range of taste. Today it was sushi. Alix and my dad were huddled over the sushi slip checking all the boxes and discussing what might be the best options. I heard, “Spicy tuna, Sexy motha, eel, hand rolls, cut rolls, fish…” I just said, “May I please have a California roll?” Everyone knows that’s the sissy sushi.

Then, all the rolls start coming out and my non-fish eating girl who swore she’d never eat anything that swam in the ocean, started eating raw fish! They looked at me. My turn to try it. I’ve sat through many a meal with sushi eaters and haven’t eaten anything but California or Veggie rolls. There was just something about watching Alix fearlessly grab those rolls and pop them in her mouth that absolutely inspired me. She loved them. She was trying everything!

So, I tried one. It was really fabulous. Then, I tried another one, and another! Fabulous! I was so surprised at how un-fishy everything was! Then I tried the slice of halibut!… oh, yuck. Chew, chew, chew, sallow it F.A.S.T…. Ok, I liked most of it and decided I’d stop at the rolls, but I was so proud of myself for trying all the others. I was proud of Alix too. She was surprised when I told her I’d never tried those but only did it because she inspired me! She was so proud and happy that we had to high five each other. That’s when my dad found out it was Alix’s first sushi try. It was so much fun and my dad loved being the one to take us out for this adventure. It was a fantastic day on so many levels! What fun, what laughs and what love. I am so happy that my daughters got to have this day with their grandpa.

So, don’t be afraid to try things no matter how old you are. Just do it. It may not work or you may not be able to do it. You may not like it or only like some of it. Just don’t stop adventuring. Step out of your comfort zone and give something new a try! Go on, do it!

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