Running 8

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What?! Stage 7? I can’t believe it! As you know, I stayed in stage 5 last week to get a little stronger. It was a good idea because I finished on top this week. The runs went smoother and I actually spent a lot of time thinking and looking around enjoying the scenery. When that happens I know I’m ready to move on.

This is stage 7’s workout for the week:

  • Walk for 2min and run for 8min
  • Repeat this sequence two more times.
  • End with 3min of walking

Our total workout time is 33min, 24 of which are running. Make sure to complete this 3-4 times between today and next Friday.

I hope you are all feeling great and getting stronger! This week I was really excited when I started remembering where I started and where I am now. I’m excited at this point to get to the thirty minutes of straight running. One stage at a time… I can do this!

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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

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