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Running! 9

This week I caught up to stage 7! I was able to get into the running 8 walking 2! So I’ll do it a couple more times and then I’m into stage 8 and I’m caught up! The best thing I’ve done was to find […]

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Running 8

What?! Stage 7? I can’t believe it! As you know, I stayed in stage 5 last week to get a little stronger. It was a good idea because I finished on top this week. The runs went smoother and I actually spent a lot of […]

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Sometimes while I’m running I try to think of good things. I remember one run I went on where I wore my Nike “Running Sucks” t-shirt and it was a terrible run. By the end of it I decided it was a bad run because […]

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Running 7

Happy Friday everyone! So here we are at the end of stage 5! I hope you are all feeling great and moving up to stage 6! Personally, I’M NOT MOVING UP! As much as I’d love to say I’m awesome and I’m on my way […]

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Running 6

Hello! I’m so happy to have found out that there are a couple of new runners this week!! Yay! This week on day one I thought I was going to die and seriously was wondering if I should stay in week 2 for a couple […]

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Running! 5

Guess what?! We just finished week 3 of “Run Your Butt Off“! How are you feeling? Are you still going strong? I have struggled this week because 2 minutes of running at a time kept feeling like my timer was broken and was forgetting to […]


Running! 4

Yay!! Week two is in our past and we are moving on to week three today! I really hope you are all still with me in the Run Your Butt Off challenge! If not, get on it! I’ve been walking with a girlfriend in stage […]

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Running 3 -Week 2

Good morning folks! Today is the first day of week two of the Run Your Butt Off program. I hope everyone walked for 30 minutes at least 3 days this week, hopefully 4. Week two looks like this: Walk for 4 minutes, run for 1 […]

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Running 2

Week 1! Yay! How did you all do today? Did you walk for 30 minutes? I hope you did! Emma and I went out and walked what we call the Oak Knoll loop. It’s a two mile loop we walk that includes several hills just […]

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Running 1

Just a reminder! We start our running quest in two days! I hope you all have your shoes and have gotten a hold of your copy of “Run Your Butt Off.” I didn’t hear from anyone on the blog but rounded up a runner on Facebook […]

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Now that all of my traveling is done for the summer and my last thyroid test results came back perfect, I’m ready to get serious about my fitness. I’m active and workout but when I’m traveling or busy working on projects in the house I […]