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This week I caught up to stage 7! I was able to get into the running 8 walking 2! So I’ll do it a couple more times and then I’m into stage 8 and I’m caught up! The best thing I’ve done was to find an area with less hills. We have hills here no matter what but for now I’m keeping it a bit more level.

I’ll start pushing the hills and running speed when I get to the full 30 min runs. We’re super close! Four stages to go and we’re done with the Run Your Butt Off training program! Then, on to just heading out a few days a week and maintaining our new earned running abilities. That sounds pretty cool.

OK, here is the workout for this week (Week 8):

  • Walk for 2min run for 9min.
  • Repeat that sequence 1 more time.
  • Then walk for 2min, run for 8min.
  • End with 3min of walking

The total workout time is 35min with 26min of running. Do this workout 3-4 times between now and next Friday.

This is a little different. Do you think you’ll be able to stick to the 8 min run at the end? This is where I’m usually feeling like I should just do 9… I’m going to really try my hardest to stick with the program exactly so I can get the best results.

Is anyone still running with me? I thought about quitting but Emma told me I can’t blog about running if I’m not really running. So, I’m going to be here running. oxoxo

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