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Week 1! Yay! How did you all do today? Did you walk for 30 minutes? I hope you did! Emma and I went out and walked what we call the Oak Knoll loop. It’s a two mile loop we walk that includes several hills just for fun. I felt great and strong and Emma kept up the whole time. We like to talk about what we see, tell stories to each other, and plan 5k’s when we walk together.

This bridge is one of my favorite parts of this walk. I just like walking over all the traffic that runs under it. I’ve taken lots of pics here and just think it’s pretty cool.
photo copyI can’t complain about walking or running in my neighborhood because it’s pretty nice. There are a ton of trails and shade to make up for all the hills in the area. I can’t wait to get out tomorrow.

photo copy 2My girlfriend Kim, who is starting today along with all of us sent me a picture of her view. She took this during her 30 minute walk today and sent it to me. Way to go Kim!

IMAG2144-1So Kim’s picture started me thinking. How fun would it be if we started an Instagram hashtag for all of us walking into our running? So here it is! #rybuttsoff so far there are no other entries on that tag and we can build it up ourselves! I know my blog is difficult to comment on and I don’t think you should have to make an account to do it. You can follow me on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram.

I just think it would be fun to support each other even if it’s just knowing someone else is out there trying to make it happen too. REMEMBER: This week we walk for 30 minutes for 4 days. I’ll post the next step on Thursday to remind you Friday is the beginning of week two where we add a little running. Enjoy your week walking and post some pictures to our Instagram page so we can see what you’re out doing! 

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