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Sweet Augustine

During this period of living between two homes, renovating one, and home schooling Emma, I’ve been lucky enough to fit in a couple of photo shoots for people. It’s a bit like having normal life in all the craziness. Photo shoots for me, are a […]

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Sunglass Campaign Revisited

When I was in school for photography one of the things I loved most about it was all of the assignments we were given. I was never at a loss for what to shoot. I was actually scrambling to get all of my photo shoots done for […]


Leo and Valerie’s Airbnb!

Today I have something really cool to share with you! I’m sure many of you already know about these, but for me, it’s a new concept. The Airbnb! Have you heard of them? They’re in 190 countries. There are thousands of places to stay, and […]


Happy Birthday, Leo!

Today is my Uncle Leo’s birthday! I love him so much. He’s always here for me. He’s babysat my girls when I was a single mom, brought me food after surgery, always calls me on my birthday, and he show’s up to every party or […]


Homeschool- Moving on Up!

This was Emma’s last week in elementary school! She finished fifth grade and is officially moving up into junior high next year. I’ve been homeschooling her for the last two years, and it has certainly been an adventure for both of us. When I share […]

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It’s Becoming a Thing

The fact that I am always planning for drinks and snacks may be a thing but I’ll tell you what else is really becoming a thing! Over the last several years my husband, Steve has been mastering the art of photobombing. He’s a really quiet […]


Drinks and Snacks!

Over the last several years I’ve made comments to my family, especially my sisters, about the need for drinks and snacks. When we talk about traveling, I like to make sure we will have drinks and snacks. When we plan to be together for visits […]


Happy Birthday, Mike!

Today happens to be my younger brother’s birthday! He’s forty years old! Mike is the baby of three sisters and he’s certainly had to suffer through a lot of torture over the years because of that. All four of us kids have the same dad, […]


Pre-Spring Break at Disneyland!

We are on spring break this week. However, being a homeschool family we had the opportunity to go to Disneyland the week before our local schools went out on their breaks. It was so wonderful and not crowded at all. We could walk easily through […]


The Color Run! Shine!

February 28th Steve, Emma, and I went out to Vegas and ran the Color Run with my Brother and his family. It was such a  great run! The event is not timed so there is zero stress and it was a great first race for […]

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