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Leo and Valerie’s Airbnb!

Today I have something really cool to share with you! I’m sure many of you already know about these, but for me, it’s a new concept. The Airbnb! Have you heard of them? They’re in 190 countries. There are thousands of places to stay, and […]


Showcase- Vickie Killeen!

Today’s showcase is all about my Auntie Vickie! She’s a fabulous artist and ever since I can remember she has been making pretty things. I grew up looking at her art from her amazing handwriting to logos, letterheads, t-shirts, decals, and signs she’s designed for small […]


Showcase -Mallory!

I‘m so excited about this page! This is where I plan to showcase someone I personally know who I think is fabulous! I have so many wonderful and talented people in my life and I really think you should get to meet them too. Our […]