Happy Birthday, Mike!

From the Heart, My Family

Today happens to be my younger brother’s birthday! He’s forty years old!

Mike is the baby of three sisters and he’s certainly had to suffer through a lot of torture over the years because of that. All four of us kids have the same dad, but my brother Mike, and sister Michelle, have a different mom than my sister, Cathy and I have. Honestly, you’d never know. We are all so close and so cut from the same cloth.

I always joke that Mike is the boy version of me. We have many of the same qualities in our personalities. Honestly, it’s one of the things I enjoy about spending time with him and his family. Our families come first to each of us, and we have raised our children in many of the same ways.

I was ten when Mike was born so I got to help take care of him. I learned a lot about taking care of babies from helping my  step-mom with my younger siblings. Mike was impossible to diaper because he was super strong and would never lay still. It was harder to bathe him because as soon as he was unclothed he was off singing and dancing through the house at top speeds. I’m pretty certain right now that he’s super happy I’m writing this.

When he was a young kid he was the most loving and affectionate child. I’m not kidding about how we tortured him. He had more wedgies and noogies than any other little kid, thanks to his sisters- and all he ever did was laugh. Personally, I tried to be really nice to him and am pretty sure I tortured him the least. This paid off for me when all of a sudden he grew to 6′-4″ and it became time for pay back.

He really had to put up with a female dominate world as a kid because our dad went to medical school and an out of state residency while Mike was in elementary school and junior high. We were it for him and he took his man of the house role pretty seriously.

After high school he spent 4 years in the army. This is where he learned the skill of sleeping anywhere, any time.

He brought us girls a new sister, named Korbi who is so important to us. She’s amazing and fits so perfectly into our lives. We could never find a better wife for our brother, ever.

As soon as we can both find a couple of spare moments Mike and I need to get together because I really want to do a showcase post on him. He is an amazing builder, and he can make anything. He is a welder and contractor. He can do everything from building a garage, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, to rebuilding a custom car from the rebuilt frame up. It’s crazy watching what he can do!  He is an absolute artists. From welding a beautiful candle holder from metal to welding the front grill of a custom car. Every detail is meticulously designed and carried out, and with character and integrity.

My brother’s number one goal is providing a good life for his children. I know there are things he’d like to do for himself. One time we were talking about it, and I encouraged to go to school and do what he wanted. He told me that right now it is about his children. He will provide a good life for them, and that when they are adults he’ll revisit those things. He works so incredibly hard and puts his whole heart into all that he does.

He’s a wonderful brother and is always there for me, speaking truth and giving me information regarding “proven medical facts…” wink-wink. But seriously, I love my brother terribly.

So, happy forty years to the nicest kid, and most wonderful brother in the whole world. Thank you for all the love you’ve shown me over the years and for giving us the best sister-in-law around. You’ve enriched our hearts and filled our lives with those kids of yours, who always keep us laughing and loving!

I’m just so glad you were born!

Mike and Korbi, his wife

Mike and Korbi, his wife

Mike and his family.

Mike and his family.

My baby brother and his women. LOL

My baby brother and his women. LOL


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mike!”

  1. Momma says:

    Hi honey, Ok you have brought tears to my eyes and wonderful memories . I couldn’t have said it better, yes he is a wonderful man and I am such a proud Mama. Oh and that goes for all of my 4 children. This is a happy day.

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