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Little Kitchen Nook

For the last two weeks I’ve done very little on the house. I decorated for Christmas and that really helped me feel like I was at home. We had a big Birthday party for Emma, and Steve was home for a few days. I can’t […]


I Have a Plan!

Good Morning! Yesterday I wrote to you and told you how at the end of my rope I am! Well, after a good night’s sleep I’ve made a plan. I’m going to move in! When I first decided to move into the house my plan […]


Lemonade Happiness

This past weekend I spent most of my time packing up our rental and hand painting wall tiles. I’ll have to tell you about those tiles another time. As I was packing stuff up, and showing our apartment to potential new residents, I realized we […]


Sweet Apple Pie

We have an apple tree at the San Juan Capistrano house. We learned this was the first year it has ever bore fruit. As I was saying goodbye to Liz, the wife-half of our landlords, (They are working and living in Abu Dhabi) she yelled, […]

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This week we are having a get together at the house because next week, we start moving out. We thought it would be fun to have some people over to celebrate. This house has always been the best house ever to entertain in. It has […]

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Easter Eggs!

Every Sunday evening my oldest daughter, Alix comes over with her roommate, Steven. We all watch The Walking Dead together while the two of them do their laundry. This week they came over early so we had more time with them, which is always fabulous. […]

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Oh, You Sweet Little Nachos…

So, it’s Saturday afternoon. I’ve already worked out, blogged, completed a big project, and now it’s time to relax a bit. What better time to have some NACHOS! Sure, I like nachos. As a matter of fact I LOVE them. I want them all the […]


Cinnamon Waffles

Last summer my little brother, Mike was telling me he saw a post about making waffles out of Pillsbury cinnamon roll dough. Seriously, when I heard that I was amazed at such a fabulous idea. It was right up there with Pop-tarts! PS I love […]


The Best Muffins!

When I was in my early twenties, I was newly married and starting to have my children. It was the beginning of trying to figure out how to be a wife, mother, and still be able to work. I didn’t even know how to cook […]



Last weekend I wrote about all the little things I planned to do to start the creative vibes rolling for the holidays. One of the activities I wanted to do was to get into the kitchen and do some baking. I LOVE to bake and […]

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Yellow Dessert Table

This weekend my cousin, Ryan married his beautiful bride, Jill.  My uncle asked me to bring a dessert for the rehearsal dinner so I decided to make up a cute little yellow dessert table inspired by Pinterest. I happened to have an idea of what Jill […]