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For the last two weeks I’ve done very little on the house. I decorated for Christmas and that really helped me feel like I was at home. We had a big Birthday party for Emma, and Steve was home for a few days. I can’t lie, it’s been nice doing very little.

Everyday I try to do one thing in the direction of completing the house. Monday, I baked some cookies, the first ones I’ve ever made here. Tuesday, I unloaded the last boxes in Steve’s office, and yesterday I finally painted the desk in the kitchen nook.


This is the space where the desk is. I’ve chosen to leave these shelves open and have filled them up with cook books, cooking magazines and teapots.  I drew some flowers on the desk and planned to paint them. The penciled in drawings have been there since July.

A long time ago I used to paint on my walls and in my house but haven’t done it for years. (With exception to Emma’s wishing tree) I just really wanted to add something on this desk. The side piece of wood needs to be put down before I can wallpaper, but I can’t put it down until I get the glass top set in, and I can’t set it in until I paint the design. So, that’s what I did.

Disclaimer: I’m not a pen and paint artist. I’ve taken one art class in Jr. High, and it’s not a skill I would ever brag about. I can, however draw a flower… So that’s what I did. I just drew on some flowers and painted them, then I colored on them with sharpies and colored pencils. I love the end result, but I’m not sure I want it here. I am however, leaving it for now. The design will be covered with a glass top.



I wasn’t too thrilled with the dragonfly but Emma said it was her favorite part, so I’ll take it.


Maybe it’s too cutesie, maybe I don’t care. Either way, it’s going to look pretty cute when this wall paper is behind it.


What I have to keep reminding myself is that we are planning on being here for a very long time. I can do whatever I want here, and whatever I do can be re-done. Nothing is forever. What I like about this addition is that it reminds me of a girl I used to be, living a life I really liked of making, and baking, and having babies. I’ve lived a ton of life since I’ve had anything like this in my house.  I’m old now, but my heart is still the same. This will remind me of that.

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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

6 thoughts on “Little Kitchen Nook”

  1. I love this blog! I love how you have put “your heart” into your home. Everything you have done has been such a piece of your heart Kell and that permeates through and through! Can’t wait for Mark and I to be in your area so we can visit! I will give you plenty of notice! Love you and sending hugs!

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