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This week we are having a get together at the house because next week, we start moving out. We thought it would be fun to have some people over to celebrate. This house has always been the best house ever to entertain in. It has an open floor plan and a huge kitchen that everyone can stand around in while I’m making food! Our kitchen really has been the heart of this home.

Since the house is going to be very empty and our kitchen is going to be packed up I really wanted to make the menu simple. We’ll be BBQ’ing burgers, dogs, and just putting out salads and chips. I also wanted to make some sangria for the party. It’s simple and makes a large amount, and can be in one place without a lot of bottles and cans to worry about.

What better time to share this sangria recipe! I spoke about it here, and promised to post the recipe. My sister found the mixture and we fell in love with it right away! It looks fabulous and tastes great! It can get a little pricy, but when you’re not serving any other alcohol it’s just about right.

I really liked how this sign showed up at some point...

I really liked how this sign showed up at some point…

So, heres the recipe:

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.22.08 AM

Two ways you know it's good. 1- there were lots of instagrams of it and 2- it was gone.

Two ways you know it’s good. 1- there were lots of instagram pictures of it and 2- it was gone. That’s when people started eating the fruit. PS Be careful with the fruit, it’s leathal.


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