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Inspiration Saturday 12/12/15

Featured image: Over the next few months I want to use my Saturday Inspirations to show you some of the stuff we’re changing at the ranch house and the images that are inspiring me to make the changes. Hopefully, you’ll get to see the end […]


Carpet’s Dirty Little Secret

When we bought our ranch, we originally wanted to have all wood floors in the house. We intended on using area rugs to warm up the rooms. Then we moved into our rental which has all woods floors and zero carpet. We haven’t bought any […]


Inspiration Saturday 10/24/15

Just the other day I was thinking about design. I was thinking about those people who have said to me they’re “just not creative.” I had a girlfriend last week who told me she just can’t think of ideas for decorating her house. I’ve also […]


Inspiration Saturday 09/12/15

It’s Saturday again! As you may know I’m in love with design. I can spend an entire day looking at everything from home decor sites and magazines to Pinterest and Houzz. It’s my serious time waster. However, I never feel like I’m wasting time because […]

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Inspiration Saturday 07/15/15

It’s Saturday and I’m starting to feel like I’m at home in the new place. After the mad rush over the last two months of selling our house and moving out, it’s finally time to relax a bit. I feel like I may be taking […]

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This week we are having a get together at the house because next week, we start moving out. We thought it would be fun to have some people over to celebrate. This house has always been the best house ever to entertain in. It has […]

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Inspiration Saturday 06/13/15

Another week down and here we are at Saturday! My inspiration today is going to be all about concrete floors. One of the reoccurring problems that keeps coming up in the sale of our house is I’m being told we don’t have flooring and everyone wants […]


Inspiration Saturday 06/06/15

Over the last four weeks I’ve written numerous entries on motherhood and parenting, but I can’t seem to complete a single one. I’ve been waiting to complete one so I can start blogging again. However, sometimes we have to put certain things on the shelf […]

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Just a Week in the Life.

Boy, has it been busy here. I felt like I wasn’t busy until I looked back over the week and was surprised to see what I had done. First of all, we did the monthly pile-up all the school work to turn it in to […]

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Master Bedroom Update

Every now and then I like to look back at some of the inspiration posts and update the blog with some of the ideas that have become projects. On this post, called Grass Cloth I wrote about possibly using grass cloth on the wall behind my […]

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Sweet Valentine!

As I’ve said before, I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I love the color and sparkle, and hearts! I’ve never really had any Valentine’s decorations though. Last year, Emma and I decided to make some decorations that we could just throw around the house. We went through […]

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Inspirations Saturday Revisit 1

Hello! I know it’s Sunday but this morning I wanted to post a couple of pics of what we made out of one of our Inspiration ideas. Last Month my blog post Christmas Cheer was about using holiday greetings to make Christmas signage for my house. […]