Just a Week in the Life.

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Boy, has it been busy here. I felt like I wasn’t busy until I looked back over the week and was surprised to see what I had done.

First of all, we did the monthly pile-up all the school work to turn it in to the office. These weeks are always busy because we have to make sure every assignment is completed and graded and put into Emma’s work packet for one Friday each month. We also had three dentist/Orthodontist appointments in the middle of our school days.

Then, I decided to make new curtains (and new cage liners for our guinea pigs). One thing I learned from having the house on the market last time was you just can’t put things up if you are not willing to leave them behind or if they’re not in good condition. My last curtains were fine but were too short. I had a visual of the new owners coming into the house after we left and seeing curtains that are 8 inches above the floor! They are always behind the couch so we never see them, it doesn’t matter how long they are. Personally, it’s bothered me for a long time. So, I sewed some new ones that really open the room and updated it a bit.

Here are the before curtains:

Im in love with solids but am really trying to break out of them and try more prints.

Im in love with solids but, I am really trying to break out of them and trying out more prints.

Here are the new curtains:

I'll have to reshoot my images when we put the house back on the market, because this is one of at least 3 changes I've made.

I’ll have to reshoot my images when we put the house back on the market, because this is one of at least 3 changes I’ve made so far. I think they look brighter and airier than the first ones.

Next, we’ve been repairing the cinder block wall in our backyard. It started last Monday and we’re finishing up today. So, for the last week we’ve had a team of guys in my, and my two neighbors’ yards jackhammering, digging, and mixing concrete all week. It’s been really messy and I had to keep all my blinds half closed for a bridal shower I had on Sunday.

Here’s the back yard action:





The yard is a mess, I’ve lost new plantings, and a bush. However, I’m super happy to be getting it taken care of because when it’s complete, we will be going back on the market! Yay!

I mentioned that I had a bridal shower on Sunday. My cousin, Mike is getting married next month and I threw a shower for his bride-to-be, Kelsey. It was really nice, and she’s such a doll. Since I took their engagement photos, I wanted to make a banner for the party out of some of the pictures. I found these pictures on Pinterest for inspiration:


The images inspired me to make these:


_MG_8448I’m going to post how I made these later this week.

With all the cooking, baking and decorating, I was really tired, then I remembered I made some new curtains, and was up early every morning to be ready for the crew working in the back yard and keeping up with my workouts and Emma’s school work… I’m pooped and am kind of letting myself recover this week. I was trying to figure out why I felt so tired and then I remembered what I did.

Tell me what you’ve been doing all week.

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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

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