Month: July 2014

Automatic Pet Peeve

Last night I went to dinner with my BFF Kim. We met up at The Cheesecake Factory for salads and conversation that there is just never enough time for. Seriously, we could talk for days and days and it wouldn’t be enough time. Anyway, It […]


Summer Lovin’

Last month My sister and I attended a blogger’s conference in Salt Lake City called the ALT Summit. It was awesome! We learned so much it was crazy. Enough for another blog entry. On my way home I stopped over in Las Vegas, where most […]


Running 1

Just a reminder! We start our running quest in two days! I hope you all have your shoes and have gotten a hold of your copy of “Run Your Butt Off.” I didn’t hear from anyone on the blog but rounded up a runner on Facebook […]

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Now that all of my traveling is done for the summer and my last thyroid test results came back perfect, I’m ready to get serious about my fitness. I’m active and workout but when I’m traveling or busy working on projects in the house I […]


Kings Highway

My sisters and I just got home from our mini vacay in Palm Springs! We had a great time! We laughed so hard, ate great food and saw some really cool stuff. The cool part is, the three of them went back to Las Vegas […]

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Feeding Your Thyroid

This image is from Cafe Press. Go to this site to see their Thyroid Cancer Awareness Jewelry! Last October I had a nodule on the right side of my thyroid removed. Since those stupid things grow on your thyroid, I also had to have the […]

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Girls’ Weekend!

I know it’s the Fourth of July weekend and I should feel really excited about that. However, being married to someone who usually works holidays, like my husband is today, sometimes kills the excitement. I am happy he’ll be home at night though because then […]

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It’s All About the People!

Back to Jill and Ryan’s wedding and this time it’s all about the people. I am seriously blessed because when I was a small child my parents were divorced. I know, that’s not the blessing, stay with me here. The blessing is that I have […]


When You’re Not the Wedding Photographer

Saturday was my cousin Ryan’s wedding! We have all been so looking forward to it. They are a fabulous couple and the time our family had together was fantastic. I have shot weddings before, however, I’m not a wedding photographer. I don’t advertise as one and […]