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Tilly- Photo Shoot of a Hamster

I‘m sure you’ve noticed our hamster Tilly is kind of a big deal at our house. Emma waited about 7 years of her 10 for a pet. Now she has one, and everybody is going to know it. Emma has done so much research on […]


Tilly My Baby Boo.

Hey people! Tilly is my Syrian female hamster!¬†She is 6 months old and is a little diva! When I was two we found out that I was severely allergic to cats and mildly allergic to dogs. My life changed a lot when we found that […]

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Hi! I’m Emma

Hello! I’m Kelley’s youngest daughter, Emma! I am 10 years old and I am a level 3 gymnast. I have 2 birds named Silvy and Charlie. I also have a hamster named Tilly (short for Matilda). My family usually describes me as quick minded, witty, […]

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