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City Mouse, Country Mouse

We sold our house of 15 years and bought a ranch in the Carson Valley, Nevada. Steve retires in less than 3 years and then we’ll be living on the ranch full time. Until that time we are living in a rental in the city […]

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In the Meantime

As we sit here waiting patiently for the close of escrow on the ranch we are learning to stay in the moment. Our new little home is feeing like the perfect place to do that. We are feeling settled and at home. We have wonderful landlords, […]


We Bought a Ranch!

I just noticed that someone read my Inspiration post from yesterday and the one from 10/18/14.  It brought me to read the post again, and to my surprise, it was about the ranch we were in escrow with last year. In the post, I was talking […]



We sold our house! We will be starting to move out in less than 2 weeks! We signed a lease on a little triplex in San Juan Capistrano. We’re so excited about the area and the house. Last year I blogged about our staycation and […]


I Say Uncle…

Day 3,492 in the house selling saga… OK, we haven’t been doing this that long but it sure feels like it. Yesterday, Steve and I made the command decision to take the house off the market. Over the last month, we bought a ranch, lost […]


Inspiration Saturday 11/1/14

Here is something a little different! We are now looking for a small house, condo, or even an apartment to move into while we find property and build our ranch. We will be leaving the Southern California area in three years so we have time. […]


Moving Forward

I didn’t make my bed today. I’m sitting here at my computer for the first Saturday morning since we put the house on the market. It feels really good to be this relaxed. I’m drinking coffee and I’m not vacuuming. I feel like I can […]

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