What a Difference a Day Makes

From the Heart, New Home

When I woke up yesterday we were in escrow with our house, waiting to hear if we got a beach house we wanted to rent, and we had just found out our ranch may be available to us again.

This morning, we are out of escrow, no need to rent a beach house, and we are not available for the ranch house… again.

What the heck? Isn’t life crazy sometimes?

I feel like the more fluid we become the easier life gets. When we are flexible and pliable in our actions and attitudes life is waaaay easier to navigate. Yesterday was certainly a day of ups and downs and we just rode the waves. The best part of it all is the relationship I have with my husband. Sometimes everyday life is tough on us, but when the heat is on and we are in the middle of a turbulent time we’re a really good team. He knows how to make me laugh and we can express whatever we feel like and neither one freaks out over it. Trust me, we express some pretty crazy stuff. The same stuff is what becomes our material for the laughing part. Remember rule #2: Find someone to help you paddle. That man knows how to paddle.

Today, I’m just focusing on today. Really, what else can I do? Do you realize how little we really can control? I feel like we control nothing but who we are, and how we love, and how we respond to what happens throughout our day. When you really realize that it’s incredibly liberating. If all you can do is control you, then what do you possibly have to fret about? Seriously, let it go. (Did anyone else just hear the song when I said that?)


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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

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