Love Story Part 3

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As we travel through this sweet love story of Mike and Kelsey we are getting to the celebrations! A month before their wedding last year I threw Kelsey a shower at my house. You can see some of the decor here! 

It was such a wonderful day of love. So many beautiful women came and celebrated Kelsey. I threw the party with Kelsey’s maid of honor, Jessell. She was in charge of the games and she did an Amazing job. My favorite game of the day was the string game. Everyone pulled string from a spool of yarn, choosing whatever size they wanted without knowing why. Then, we went around the room and each woman had to wrap the yarn around their finger, and with each twist we said something we like about Kelsey, or mentioned one of her many great qualities. What a wonderful game! Every woman should get to sit and hear what every person in a room loves about her. Just imagine.

Anyway, the day was a success, and Kelsey was very happy and had a wonderful time.

The decor:


The ladies:


Sweet Kelsey:

It really was a great day of bringing our families together, and celebrating Kelsey and Mike’s future together.


Kelsey and her mom, with Mike’s aunts and grandmother.


Streamers were set up so everyone could write a word of advice, word of encouragement, or prayer for Mike and Kelsey’s future! Then we hung them from the streamers!


Such a great way to get ready for the big day!





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