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I posted earlier this week that I threw a bridal shower for my soon-to-be cousin, Kelsey. I also posted this picture from Pinterest as my inspiration to make a banner for the shower. I really wanted to use some of the pictures I took of them and also wanted her to be able to take the banner home.

Here is the Inspiration pin:

I often don’t have a plan when I start a project. I may have an idea or inspiration, but I rarely ever know exactly what I’m going to do. I used to wait until I had a plan, but after a while I learned that when I actually start touching things and seeing them, is when I get my ideas. I like to get the idea and start right away, then get it nailed down. Just to encourage you if your someone who puts off making things because you’re not totally sure what to do… Just do it, it’ll come as you go!

I knew the colors I wanted to use so I started to gather materials. I also knew I wanted to make it long and that it would be made of flags. Lastly, I knew I wanted a little square photo on each flag.

To start, I gathered the images I wanted and cropped them into 4×4 squares, and put four of them on an 8.5×11 white backdrop in Photoshop. Then, I threw them on a flash drive and sent my husband to the Staples to have them printed.


While Steve was at Staples I printed out “Bride To Be” and “Kelsey” on the computer. I chose a really large font so I could cut the letters out and use them on a banner. Oh, I also made a “love” and “OXOX”.  It just seemed like I may use them for something and I had space on the last sheet of paper and didn’t want to waste it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.08.22 PM


Now, I’m actually very lucky because my step-mom is a big time scrap-booker and always brings me left over paper, embellishments, stickers, and ribbon. I also have a long time girlfriend, Shelley, who recently gave me a ton of cute ribbon and crafting supplies. As a note, I made this entire banner with materials that these two ladies gave me. I did not buy any of the materials. Like I’ve said before, never turn down stuff when people want to give you things. You may be able to do something with it! Oh, I did buy the yarn because I was going to make string balloons for the party and changed my mind. (Seriously, just stop…) I bought yarn that was the shower colors and it actually came in handy for one of the shower games too.

_MG_8350I just started pulling all the ribbon that matched, and cut it in little sections because I started thinking it would be cute if the flags had ribbons attached to them. I realized there would be a lot of different patterns involved and the ribbons could pull all the different papers together by color. I then cut the sheets into the same size. (the pictures were going to be 4×4 and I wanted a little space on each side so I made them 6in. wide) I knew I was having 20 images printed so I needed 20 flags cut.

I wanted the flags to have a point at the bottom, so I cut them into points.

_MG_8348Well, as I started cutting the flag points I noticed they were making cute little left over triangles. I hate throwing out cute pieces of paper and usually save anything big enough to use again. But then I thought, “How cute would these look at the bottom of the flags?” Then, as I was cutting the length of the flags I noticed a cute rectangle being left behind and thought they’d be darling on the top of the flags! So there it was, the flag design! I planned on mixing and matching all the papers to make the flags more interesting and random.

Tips of the flags

Tips of the flags

Tops of the flags

Tops of the flags

Steve brought home the pictures and I began cutting them out. I felt like they looked plain on the flags and decided to use a solid color paper to frame the pictures. I then ran out of that color so I chose a couple of other colors so it looked like I meant to do it and not like I ran out.


Then I laid all of the flags out in layers of paper and an image. I glued each flag together with Elmer’s glue sticks.



_MG_8376I folded the top back of each flag down like this. I laid the yard on each flag stringing them all together, and spaced them evenly apart, and glued the flap down. The glue wasn’t holding so I used clear scotch tape which worked like a charm. I flipped the flags over and punched a hole in the top side of each flag and started tying ribbons through them. This held the yarn in place and kept the flags from slipping.

_MG_8388I tied the ends and pinned it to the wall. Done! It was sort of a learning process and I remember thinking the whole time, “maybe I should have read the directions on my inspiration photos…”

My favorite part was tying all the ribbons on to the cards.

As a side note, I really wanted the banner to have a middle but had an even number of photos which didn’t give me an even number of images from a middle point. So, I removed one of the photo flags and replaced it with a flag of papers and the “love” and “OXOX” print outs! I really liked the way that turned out and I had a middle piece!

Here is the center flag. It had two bows on either side. Every flag on the right of it had a bow on the right side and everything on the left side had the bows on the left of the flags.

Here is the center flag. It had two bows on either side. Every flag on the right of it had a bow on the right side and everything on the left side of the center had the bows on the left of the flags.

So often in crafting there are no rules, or directions. I encourage you to just try something new. Don’t worry if you don’t have directions, just try different things out and see what happens. Go for it!

Finished banner

Finished banner

The second banner, that went much faster! You can do whatever colors, style, papers or size! So fun.

The second banner that went much faster! You can do whatever colors, style, papers or size! So fun.




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