Best Friends Photo Shoot

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Hello, Thursday! Get ready for some cuteness overload.

Last October I had just had surgery and was actually getting really restless sitting around the house, when Emma came to me and asked me to take pictures of her and her best friend. Honestly, I was so happy to get out and walk around.

We had just had a huge snow, and I hadn’t done a photo shoot in the snow yet. I like to do most of my shoots during the three other seasons, because the trees are changing and the grass is green. Winter in the Carson Valley is not necessarily the prettiest time of the year. Anyway, this day it was gorgeous with all the new snow.

Welcome to the adorable world of Emma and Amanda. Best Friends, cheerleaders, nerds, and amazing young women.

Enjoy! ❤

The first images in a shoot are usually a little uncomfortable or awkward. Not with these two~ they’re so natural and funny. You know, I shot just over 350 images and only threw out about 30. It was like I couldn’t get a bad picture if I tried. The snow was amazing, the view was killer, and the light was like heaven. I love these sort of days.

I have to say, when I was buying the ranch, I had a feeling it would be the perfect location for taking pictues. I know I should vary my locations, but each season makes them new.



I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did! Next week, I’ll show you what happens when you add a couple of extra friends to this mix!

Have a wonderful day full of love and happiness!

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