Cathy and Don

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Hello, Lovelies! It’s a beautiful day in the valley! The sun is shining, and it feels like spring is just around the corner.

I have another photo shoot for you today! Last spring my older sister, Cathy was married to her husband, Don. We were making some awesome plans to all go to my other sister’s farm in Wisconsin for the wedding. I was going to take all the pictures, we were all going to be together and have an amazing weekend. Then, COVID showed up and everything was cancelled. The two of them ended up getting married at the side of a river, with only the two of them and Don’s Daughter, Colleen and son-in-law, Tanner. Tanner actually performed the ceremony. The witnesses were the dog, Kennedy and not yet born, Baby Ellie.

Needless to say, this was the wedding style for 2020. However, the two of them came to visit me in October and as a gift I gave them a “wedding” shoot. My sister brought the dress she bought for her wedding that had to be cancelled. The dress was beautiful, and the day was beautiful. We just walked my property and had fun taking pictures. I love seeing my sister so happy. They’re so great together, and looked so content and relaxed with each other. I loved every minute with the two of them.

As I always say, Enjoy!

I have to say, my sister is one of my favorite people to take pictures of. She is so good at always giving me a variety of poses and faces. As a photographer, that’s a dream come true. They were so cute.

After we made it through the first round Cathy and Don changed clothes into their wedding attire. Even having a first reveal. I didn’t include some of the response photos, because they were both drawn to tears, and it seemed really intimate and beautiful to me. It felt like something that should be kept between the two of them ❤

Back out walking on the property for more fabulous pictures.

Such a fun day with the two of them!

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