No Chance of Success

From the Heart

Happy Monday, Lovelies!

Good morning, I say at 1:03 PM. I literally just got up and got dressed. The mornings have been this way for me, I call it the winter funk. Emma drives herself to school now, so I have no reason to wake up early. So I’ve been staying up late and sleeping in late. Honestly, nothing good comes from that. I end up getting nothing done, and I end up staying up later, only perpetuating the same bad schedule. I blame Covid. (Just roll with that)

So My goal this week is to reset my schedule, because I have a ton of work to get done. The one thing I’ve been doing consistently is exercising. Thank God, because if I hadn’t been working out and running, I think I’d lose my mind. Seriously, It just happens to be that kind of week, month, year. Ugh. Can I get an amen?

I recently started a walking challenge on an app called Stepbet. You sign up and pay a certain amount of money and at the end, the people who meet their goals split the money. I thought, sure! I’m walking anyway, I may as well play along. So here’s the deal, two of the days I forgot to put my watch on and didn’t have my phone with me so I failed to meet my goal. I actually met my goal, but the evidence wasn’t on my app. I noticed the app said, you didn’t meet your goals so you are not eligible to win any money, but you can still walk. Really? This is a four week challenge. On day two I failed, yet I am invited to continue with no hope of success or chance of winning the prize. PERIOD.

Let me ask you, would you continue? When you know you have no chance of success or no chance of winning do you still accept the challenge? This really had me thinking. I seriously feel like my entire life has been a race like this. I’ll never win, yet I keep running. I run slow, and I don’t even run well. However, I have been running my heart out for the majority of my life.

If you knew you could never finish the job, or if you would never be successful at it, would you try it anyway? Would you put in the work because you knew that everything you’re going to learn during the process was going to be worth it? Is it enough? Is it worth the changes in your heart? Worth the growth your soul makes? Worth the experience you’ll gain along the way?

I say yes, I will. I’ll do it for the sake of doing. I’ll take the opportunity to grow. Because I can, and I should. I know I’ll never win, never be enough, never be complete. Because that’s life, and for me to live is to run the race. It is during the race that we become who we are supposed to be. Let’s take this time, this week, this year to continue staying in the game and running the race. Let’s accept the challenge anyway and become our best selves in the process.

Whether we win our 20 bucks back or not.

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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

6 thoughts on “No Chance of Success”

  1. There you go, Kelley!
    It’s kinda like back before you joined the race. Just basic everyday exercise + results. But, next month, you’ll be wearing your watch and you’ll be back IN the race!
    Your “ funny schedule” pattern runs in the family. Your mother goes to bed at like midnight, after dinner at 10. So, they get up at 11ish. You come by this pattern naturally.
    It’s just that, in a magazine I read recently, it said, between nine and 10:30 is the optimum time to go to bed, for your internal clock. I don’t know if that’s true, but I seem to like it a little better. More energy.
    But, just like you, I need goals and projects that fire me up. I just finished remodeling that little “Florida” bathroom. And, it was fun, and hard work. Need another project.
    Hugs and Love to you, Kelley!
    Auntie Vickie

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