Saturday Inspiration 07/04/20

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Happy Saturday, Folks!

It’s been so long since I posted a Saturday Inspiration. While I was searching and compiling all my favorite photos I realized something. I was clearly waaaay more inspired to work when I was constantly searching the internet for decor and renovation ideas. It feels like my love for home decor and my love for projects is actually starting to spark a new fire for work! I needed this so badly!

Today I want to talk about my Mother-in-law house. It’s a tiny space attached to my garage. Both of my older daughters have taken turns renting the space from us. Since Amanda was last to live in there and has recently moved out, I have decided to turn it into my studio. I am super excited about the possibilities it holds, but most of all I’m excited to work in there!

I just grabbed a few photos of really cool work spaces. Over the next few weeks I’ll show you the actual space I have to work with and what we’ve done in there so far. Then, of course I’ll show you what the finished space looks like~ just as soon as I make it!

In the first image, I LOVE the cubbies, and separated work spaces. Love that pendant light too. I’m super excited about having several different tables and desks to work at.

This is an amazing space from pottery barn that I found here:

What do you think about this amazing space? I am crazy about all the shelving and peg boards. It’s so clean.

My OCD is drooling over all the organization and shelves, and peg boards, and did you see the clip boards? I’m dying. You have to go see this post here:

As I was searching Pinterest I realized I will finally have a place to sew! I had one in the house until the guinea pigs took over the laundry room. I’ve missed it and can’t believe I’ll actually have a place to leave my machine up and plugged in.

I just thought this corner and set up was so cute.

This Image is from House of Turquoise.

Ok, Lastly I found this image. As much as I love a clean and organized work space, there’s something about this image that I love. It’s drawing me in with all those photos and computers and cameras. Just looking at it makes me want to sit and edit and imagine. I can hear my music playing and my imagination swirling into a world of black and white images. Ugh! I am so ready to get back to work!

This image was found on Pinterest:

Ok! So, maybe these images inspire you, maybe they don’t. For me, they are making me feel the pull back into my wonderful world of crafting, making, photography, and dreaming. I feel it happening!

I almost can’t even believe it could happen.

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