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My third born baby girl is now thirteen years old. One of her friends asked her what her family nick-name was and she answered with, “Tiny E.” Her girlfriend looked her up and down and said, “Tiny?” You see, Emma is a tall 13 year old. She’s passed her two older sisters in the height department. She’s also very mature looking, and has not only been carded for alcohol she never ordered, but she’s been asked who she was going to vote for in the last presidential election.

A long time ago, Emma was very tiny, and at the bottom of all the growth charts. She was ill often as a little girl because of allergies we discovered when she was three. Until that time, she wasn’t even able to run like a normal child, because she was always sick. By the time she was three, she had had pneumonia three times. Needless to say, we went through a lot of testing and different doctors until we finally figured out she was allergic to the three cats we were living with.

Fast forward to today, and she’s brave, beautiful, and very strong! Emma is an aerial artist, by way of gymnastics. She’s been swinging from the silks for over two years and she’s happiest when she’s 20 feet in the air. Aerial arts requires a lot of core and upper body strength, which is why she wanted to start it in the first place.

Over the last two years I’ve seen this skinny little girl grow into this amazing woman, who can pull herself up into the sky, and drop herself like a shooting star.

I’ve recently been shooting some pictures of her in class, and I also captured all of the dancers’ portraits for this year’s show. What a blast that was! Anyway, I thought I’d show you a glimpse of what Emma does. Enjoy!


Emma during class. _MG_6150




Speaking of dropping…


My daughters have been known to help me with many of my photoshoots. Since Emma was one of the dancers and had to be at the studio all day, she was elected my assistant.  Here she is standing in for me so I could get all my settings that way I wanted them.  She’s always good for a goofy smile. In fact, all of my daughters are. I should make a book of them just standing in for my light set ups.  _MG_6225


Here are Emma’s final images on the silks.



I think she looks amazing!

PS Emma also dances ballet and hip hop!




Some times it’s hard for me to believe this is the same Tiny E that was so little and sick. She has overcome so much! I just love this kid.

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