Love Story Part 4

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Here we are, almost one year ago. Mike and Kelsey got married and promised their hearts to one another in front of their friends and family. I really can’t believe it was almost a year ago.

It was a wonderful day and the wedding was so sweet and emotional. We could really feel the love between the two of them and from their families. Kelsey’s brother, Justin played music during the wedding and reception. Her other brother, Kyle actually MARRIED them! It was such a neat day full of intimacy and sweetness.

So here they are, Mike and Kelsey, finally up there making it real for the rest of their lives. I felt so proud of them both. Mike was so emotional, and Kelsey was so beautiful. I was so happy to be there.

Kelsey is very down to earth, and she loves things simple. She’s not that girl who is going to have a lot of fluff and pomp at her wedding, and she didn’t. It was very understated. They were married outside surrounded by beautiful florals with giant sunflowers and roses. Her colors went great with the surroundings and setting sun

When Kelsey started walking down the aisle, It  was hard not to get choked up. Just knowing the journey these two have been on and watching Mike get teary eye’d had me holding back tears. I was not the only one either.

They just had one of those weddings where the people watching felt involved. We all laughed with them,  cried with them, and felt the struggle when the sand refused to go easily into the “unity” bottle…  Too adorable.

Then, before we knew it, the kiss. The beginning of the rest of their lives together had begun.

The rest of the evening was fun, friends, and family! The venue was adorable and the music was great. I always love dancing and there was plenty of that along with really great food. To one of my favorite couples, I love you both and have really enjoyed being in your lives, and I always appreciate how loving you two have been to me.





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