Inspiration Saturday 03/12/16

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Today’s space of inspiration is the Master Bedroom. As I was putting together the post for today, two things happened. One, I could not believe how much it’s changed since we started taking it apart, and two, I realized I don’t really know what I want to do in this space.

Here is what the room looked like in realtor pics and our own images:

The room had so much pink carpet, and wall paper, it was crazy. The slab underneath the carpet is cracked and uneven. All normal for a full slab house, but will require some major leveling for the wood floor install. Not fans of all the green tile and bidet next to the toilet. However, I really loved the idea of carpet around the toilet… Hint of major sarcasm.

The closet is big and had a door that lead to the other side of the toilet area so one could walk in and out of the closet through the toilet. However, there was no door to the toilet area from the bathroom, just a wide entrance that resembled a saloon window. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of that.

Anyway, we slept in here the first night we were in the house but quickly moved to the smaller rooms. We’ve never stayed in here again, and we’ve never used this bathroom. As I was writing this post and gathering my inspiration images, I realized I am so undecided about what to do in here because I’m never in this space. We typically close it off from the rest of the house when we stay here. When I start imagining what a space can be, I actually have to be in it and live in it, and I just have not lived in this space enough.

Here is what we’ve done to it so far:


We removed all the wall paper and carpet from the entire space.


Then, we removed the rock wall and pellet stove. I think we’re going to replace the stove with a much smaller model that is white and actually cute. I’m still trying to decide what to do with this cinder block . I was thinking a really cute cement tile or even painted brick. Tell me what you would do.


We removed the shower, tub and vanity tile.



When you have to use a shovel to load and carry out the tile in a wheel barrel, you know you have a lot of tile.


Emma got into the action of shower removal.




After a ton of hammering, crowbarring, and sawing we got the garden tub out. The fun part was Steve and me moving the cast iron tub through the house and out the front door.


PS I’m in love with this space and can already imagine a stand-alone tub sitting here.



Then we had a carpenter build up the wall of the bathroom entrance. Our plan is to hang a darling barn door here so we can completely close off the bathroom area if we want to.


The space is taking shape.



We also closed off the door to the closet from the toilet area and had a wall built to close off the area for privacy. We will hang a small version of the main bathroom barn door.

Ok, now that you see what we have, here are my ideas. Don’t hesitate to leave me any comments or ideas, because like I said, I’m not the far into the planning of this space.

I know my colors will be what you see in the upper right corner. I had these in our old bedroom and never stopped liking them. I love their bright airiness.  I really love the idea of either built-ins around the bed, or even a wood wall. I know for sure I will have the highest hanging curtains possible and a set at each window, just to add that color. We also know we’d like to have a sitting area around the cinder block wall since the stove will be there. When you are in the other areas of the house and look towards the master, the sitting area is what you’ll see. I’d like it to have more of a cozy library look rather than a bedroom. The bedroom part can be discovered as you enter the space. I’m thinking about a light fixture over the bed/center of the room. That’s as far as I’ve gotten with that. This room will have wood floors and into the closet. The bathroom will be tile.

Speaking of the bathroom…

Love the shower in the back corner and the tub next to it. We will not be changing the foot print of the bathroom because it’s great. We just need to decide whether we will step up into the shower or have it flat on the floor. I’ve chosen a basic stand alone tub from Home Depot, nothing fancy. Steve is not into the fancy ones. I think I’d like to add wood to the wall behind the tub, maybe moulding? Some paint, some white wood work. We are definitely taking down the large mirror and replacing it with two large decorative mirrors. I have still not decided on lighting, sinks or faucets. We have to wait financially on this bathroom for now so I’ve thrown it onto the back burner until summer. Good news is, I have time to decide.

The closet is full of shelves and drawers, and is actually pretty nice. I just plan on replacing all the bars and painting all the shelving along with the walls. I painted all the floors in the  toilet area and closet so far with Kilz just to seal any smelly things, and there were some smelly things.

PS do you see the little laundry drawer in the center picture? I thought that was a great idea and then I noticed the center door in my vanity was a laundry drawer just like that one! Yay!

Here’s a little look at barn doors:


I’m obsessed with this door. I keep thinking I’ll go down to the Orange Circle and find one that I can paint exactly like this and use it as my barn door to the bathroom. LOVE!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 6.59.10 PM


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 6.56.13 PM


So I’m just trying to decide on what color, what style, and whether or not I want to make it, or buy it. I figured I’d decide as I go.


Did you notice there is a sunroom off the master?

Seriously, this post is the tip of the iceberg for this room. As always, I’m open to any and all ideas. I’m sure once I start spending more time in here, I’ll have more to work with in my brain, but right now, I’m a bit overwhelmed.


Ok, have a fabulous Saturday, and get creating! Or designing! Or making!


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