Sweet Augustine

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During this period of living between two homes, renovating one, and home schooling Emma, I’ve been lucky enough to fit in a couple of photo shoots for people. It’s a bit like having normal life in all the craziness. Photo shoots for me, are a time to just relax and let everything stop for a little while and enjoy a moment. Editing reminds me of how much I love photography and reassures me that when this time in life settles down, I’ll have a career I love.

Last month I had the honor of capturing the tiny life of baby Augustine. He’s the third child of a wonderful woman we met when Amanda was a fit model for Billabong. Zinnia was one of the gals that fit all the swimsuits on Amanda for the designer. She was so great to us and we’ve managed to stay in touch over the years through Facebook. I photographed her daughter several years ago and now her son. Enjoy!

I love to capture as many different facial expressions as I can. Augustine was so sweet and pleasant that he mostly just had a calm demeanor. A little smile here and there and sweet patience. He was the easiest and happiest little person.

Next on my list is to capture all of the things I miss most about my own grown children. I love his tiny feet, neck, baby ears, and hands. I love to see the light shine through his tiny little ear that will one day grow into an adult ear. Oh, that baby body and little head with sweet fluffy hair. Childhood is so short and the people our children become is just a shadow of who they where when they were so small. It’s so important to save it.


Zinnia did a great job of packing different outfits so we could have several looks. I still can’t believe how tolerant Augustine was of all the changes. What a precious doll!





It was such a wonderful afternoon, and I felt so blessed to have been able to capture this moment in Augustine’s life. ❤

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