Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s to one of my favorite holidays! Every year people are out sharing the love!

Today is also my Step-mother, Kathy’s  birthday! She was born on one of the most fabulous days of the year, and it’s as though everyone celebrates her birthday by sharing love with each other!

I met her when I was four years old, and she has been an amazing mom to me ever since. She’s an amazing mom to my sisters and brother. She’s crazy about our spouses and she’s a wonderful grandmother.

She’s a huge part of my life and I just had to take the opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

She’s always put her whole heart into us kids. She’s always been there when we needed her. She has laughed with us, cried with us, and reminded us to wear sweaters. Throughout the years she’s had jobs, and even gotten her degree, but it’s always felt like we were her number one job in life. Being a mother is who she is, and we’ve all felt so loved by her. That’s not a slight thing for my older sister and me because we’re her step-children. It’s huge to be loved by someone who loves you like their own, when you aren’t and they don’t have to.


Kathy is a natural grandmother. I can’t even tell you how much she taught me about taking care of babies. All the late night calls and advice were irreplaceable for me. She’s fun and playful and my daughters have always been so close to her. She’s always made such a huge effort to be in our children’s lives. She’s been one of my teammates in raising my kids and there where days I wouldn’t have made it through without her patience, love, and reassurance. She’s the one who will jump in and man the lemonade stand with our kids, or teach them how to bake. She’s been known to jump in the swimming pool in the early morning hours with her grand babies, while everyone was still in PJ’s. She loves to hear their dreams and gossip about their friends. She’s their friend, confidant, their partner in crime, their G-ma.

Kathy is a wonderful sister, aunt, and friend. She is still friends with her girls from high school. She’s the kind of woman, who will stand by you and be there for you. The kind of woman who will be your friend for over 60 years. She believes in and supports her people. She’s so dedicated to those she loves. She’s so warm and out going and has this amazing way of making even strangers feel like she’s their friend.


So here’s to a Wonderful Birthday, Mama!! Thank you for everything you are and all you do for us! I’m so glad you were born!


You have made such a huge difference in our lives! Look at all these people! You’ve touched our lives, raised us and loved us. You are such a major part of who we all are. We thank you, we love you, and we’re so happy to be part of you! Have an amazing year!! OX


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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!”

  1. Kathy says:

    I am speechless honey. I can’t stop crying. I will have to write more later. xOXO

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