A Little Halloween Love

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Ok, Ok, Nothing but quotes is getting a little old. Thank goodness I scheduled those, or I wouldn’t have had a new post since last month!

I finally got a few shoots edited so I can share them with you. How about Emma’s Halloween costume? That’s right, I just edited her halloween photo shoot this morning, and I need to see something other than a quote on the main page, so here you go!

It’s tradition for us to take real pictures of the girls’ costumes every year, and Emma is my last lady at home dressing up for Halloween. Alix actually dressed up this year for work but I missed her during picture time.

Emma was a goddess warrior. I went all out on the costume because I felt bad that we had no plans and she had no people to trick or treat with. Steve usually takes her out, but he signed up for over time this year. It’s a weird year for us in a new place and always trying to decide where we will be when. I feel like she still had fun handing out candy. Later her big sister, Alix took her out trick or treating. It turned out to be a fun night.

The make-up.

The make-up.

The dress.

The dress.

The "shoes". These lasted about a half hour.

The “shoes”. These lasted about a half hour.

The Props.

The Props.

The hair.

The hair.

The Muscles

The Muscles.

The black and whites, of course.

The black and whites, of course.



No photo shoot is complete without a product shot.

No photo shoot is complete without a product shot.

Pretty pretty girl.

Pretty, pretty girl.

It doesn’t get any better than a dog on a bumble bee costume…

Emma's neighbor friend, Maggie.

Emma’s neighbor friend, Maggie.

She's perfect.

She’s perfect.

I’m always very thankful that my girls let me take pictures of them. I’ve never had a problem with them playing along, and as a photographer, I realize that is not a small thing. ❤




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