The Ball is Rolling!

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At Home, New Home

So here we are! We have completed our move and are about a day away from being settled in our new place. Talk about being displaced. We went up to the Carson Valley last week and stayed in a hotel. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I had absolutely no idea where I was. I can’t keep track of all the different places I’ve been sleeping.

It took us a solid week to get out of our old house. I had so much packed and completed until it came time for actually getting the stuff out of the house. It seemed as though our stuff was reproducing in the cabinets. No matter how much I took out there was more and more in there every time I looked! It seemed never ending. I’ve never owned this much stuff and in moving it around I realized how much we don’t actually need. Steve had about 48 hours of over time during the move so he’d sleep after midnight shift, then come over and move a load or two, then went to work all night. It was pretty intense.

By the time we left, our home was nice and clean and very, very empty. I went through less sadness than I thought I would. I did cry, but I feel like I was so tired from the physical hours I put in that I felt more relief than anything else. Now, I just feel so happy the hardest part of our big plan is out of the way and I’m just feeling very hopeful and excited.

Stage one of our big dream was to sell our house. Check! Stage one complete.

Stage two was to find a place to live in the meantime, until Steve retires in 2018. Check! Stage two complete.

Stage three will be to find a place to settle after retirement. This stage is a big one.

Stage four will be to move away and begin our new life and my new career! When Steve retires I’ll have more freedom to work long and consistent hours at developing my art. I seriously, cannot wait!

With each stage, we have all the little details to get through, but so far we’ve been a good team. I’m thankful we are both on the same page in what we want. I’m so excited to share the adventure with you! Stuff is going down that I can’t wait to blog about! First, I need to get our new little house together and get my first cleaning day out of the way.

Have a fabulous weekend and take time to start planning how to make your dreams come true!

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Just a girl, on a journey. Thankful for love, thankful for friends and family, and thankful for forgiveness. Full of passion, conviction and hope.

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