Baby Nalu

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Meet Nalu!


Over the holiday break my daughter Amanda’s boyfriend, Christian got her a kitten for Christmas! He’s so sweet to her! They already have a girl kitty together, and have had her for over a year. Her name is Kika. She’s beautiful.

Here she is:10487246_10204859027260893_16096531067104746_n

10370889_10204857691387497_8020746165388137081_nThese are just a couple of cellphone pictures I took of her when I was visiting this year. She’s beautiful and very fluffy.

Anyway, Christian and I went to pick him up from the Forever Home Cat Rescue. Then, Emma and I got to babysit him for the day, and into the night until Christian could bring Amanda over later that night. It was all a big surprise, and went over great! Amanda loves little Nalu and after about 5 days, Kika loved him too.(At least she cleaned him up) I love how they send me pictures and videos as if they are my grandchildren! Well, because they are.

Emma is wildly allergic to kitties so it was really something big having Nalu here for the day! Of course, we had to have a photo shoot! I only took a couple of pics before I could tell it was really going to freak him out so I stopped. You’re seeing my favorite picture of him from the day.

My little grandchildren, Enjoy!


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